ProBiS Algorithm

ProBiS algorithm aligns and superimposes complete protein surfaces, surface motifs, or protein binding sites. It enables pairwise alignments of entire protein structures or selected binding sites as well as fast database searches for similar protein binding sites. The algorithm can find similar binding sites even in proteins with different folds and without prior knowledge of their location. ProBiS algorithm is parallel for single or multiple CPU platforms.


ProBiS Algorithm (current version)

  • Linux 64-bit: probis (precompiled static binary with threading support, no installation required)
  • Mac 64-bit: probis.mac.m2 (compiled on Ventura 13.2.1 for M2 processor - thanks An!!)
  • Tutorial: probis-tutorial.pdf
  • Source code with examples:
  • Visit ProBiS algorithm on GitLab: ProBiS at GitLab (this is bleeding edge source - handle carefully, may or may not work)

How To Compile from Source

For installation of the ProBiS source code on Ubuntu (or similar system) do the following:

  1. unzip
  2. cd probis

Install the required libraries. MPI version of ProBiS requires Open MPI library. Both MPI and non-MPI versions require GNU scientific library and GNU C++ compiler. Installation of these libraries for Ubuntu is easy:

  1. sudo apt-get install openmpi-bin libopenmpi-dev libgsl0-dev g++

Compile ProBiS source code into executable program (see instructions in the 'makefile' on how to compile either the MPI or the non-MPI version):

  1. make probis

To start type:

  1. ./probis